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Colleagues, categorically do not recommend to make deal with this person.

From the author's side, it would be more honest to say ... crooked and non-working projects for sale, as it

actually is. I could not resist the temptation to pass by another "great deal". As a result: 500 Euro + commission

= 630 USD went into the pocket of the ordinary scammer. Payment is possible only Western Union. That is already

risky, and no any warranty. It was promised to send the projects immediately after sending the Screenshot of the

money transfer. It was also promised to send clear and detailed instructions for the projects. I state the

1. After sending the Screenshot about payment, about an hour later the author reported that he would go to the

office of Wester Union in the evening and if everything is OK, he will send me the links. But in fact before I sent

the tranfer he told me that he will send me the links immediately after recieving the screenshot of payment.

I was waiting links until midnight, when they were actually send. But the most

interesting is that... by the time the author sent me the message that he would visit the Western Union office in

the evening, the money had already been successfully withdrawn in Serbia.
2. The most important part of the project (two DLL files) he did not send at all, although in fact this is the most

important part of one of the projects. After I notified him about missing DLLs he sent me lost files. I must

notice that before the payment, his replies where sent to me pretty quickly. After the transfer of money, the

intervals between question and answer increased dramatically: 6 - 12 hours. And at the moment my questions are

simply ignored. The instructions are not correct with lots of errors. It seems to me that this person is not the

author of this projects or has very limited participation.
I have bought two projects. As a result, one of them is so bad (close to not working) that it is not worth a penny.

I don't have opportunity to check right now the second project completely because I am waiting for hardware

interface for testing. But after analysing software I have found that he sent me ready Acronis image of pre-

installed software in Croatian language, instead of detailed instructions for installing the software. I explained

to the person that I prefer to install all the soft by myself to exclude any future errors. For me it's important.

He send me reply that it is too complicated and he has nothing to do with software. A little bit later, after the

other bugs and shortcomes of

the projects were found out, communication with the person completely disappeared. He ignores all of my email

messages and does

not reply.
I posted it here because of I wish you do not repeat my sad experience, since it is difficult to call it a mistake.
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