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Re: John Deere Rotors Repair/Maintenance Tips Thre

9650STS has had issues with the RH bearing on the primary countershaft loosing the lock collar and ruining the shaft. You can update to a heavier bearing and shaft.

All 50 and 60 series have trouble with shoe auger drive gears being loose and wearing on the shaft. They should be TIGHT on the shaft. Same with the driven gears, roll pins holding the gear to the auger can elongate the holes.

60 series, reverser output shaft o-ring. Look under the feederhouse, at the right hand side of the reverser, where the backshaft comes out. You will more than likley see oil seeping between the shaft and the reverser output hub. Oring gets smashed by the torque of the reverser and leaks. (Engineer that thought this system up should be beaten with a rubber mallet.) Remove backshaft & replace with "new and improved" oring. Then do it again every year!

Starting to see a trickle of problems with the variable vane turbo. Vanes sticking. Will see if the trickle turns into a flood.
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