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Re: **John Deere Rotors Repair/Maintenance Tips Th

check your grain tank legs for cracks and areas that are buckling, left rear leg likes to crack right by powershaft, on 06 and early 07's the front left leg likes to buckle right at the bottom where it bolts to the frame, right in front of the primary c/shaft gearcase, deere has a fix as fail pip on these machines

inside the clean grain elevator lower boot, the divider likes to crack inward from the both sides, (have seen a lot of these)

on earlier machines the upper cleaning fan sheave bracket likes to crack away from the frame especially on the top side, along with a crack where the fan adjuster motor bracket is welded on

on early 50's with the steel chopper drive shields, check out the side sheets where the drive idler supports are

all machines, the front lower chopper support brackets on both sides crack where they bolt to the frame, they would be under the air chutes if your machine is equipped, i suggest ordering the brackets off of the latest 60 series, they are at least twice as thick as original, same goes for the main chopper hinges, they are beefed up significantly as well
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