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kinda quiet

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Hey, not my fault!

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I think everyone is talking in the gleaner section. Some interesting stuff over there. Almost sounds like the world is coming to an end
Hey I just started posting over here more recently because TTT gets really slow and boring this time of year.

It gets busier?
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Yeah i love some of the acronyms they have come up with for AGCO...

I really like the idea about takeing oranges to the agco booth....A guy just wonders how soon till they cancel gleaner and then pretend like its no big deal..
Yeah I got a chuckle or two out of that one as well. Theres a thread over there about the push button combine. I think someone body who goes by the name of ROM started it kinda dull but he has some very good points. I think it applies to all makes and models.
Wow this place gets quiet in the off season.
I also like how the first post says about selling machinery cheaper... I've never heard of anything going down in price.
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