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Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about svl 90's having hyd pump failures at low hours (400-600) ?
I know of four in my area in approximately a 20 mile radius that have had a failure of one kind or another .
One blew the seals between the pressure plate and the housing , another wore through the shaft bushings and let the gear eat away at the housing .
I'm not clear on the other two .
Apparently kubota is blaming it on use of hyd motors , even though it shouldn't matter and it's not mentioned in the operators manual or service manual they say motors should be powered by a specific line and the other used mainly for return oil , which is odd because one of the above failures never powered anything but cylinders .
Then the next reason I heard is there is a vent on the hyd tank and if the mechanical compartment is not kept clean the vent sucks dirt into the tank and that's what's doing it .
I did not personally see it but one of the owner of one of the above machines found some info that someone posted about a machine that failed at around 450 then again around 900 but I've not been able to find it .
Any info appreciated , thanks
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