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Anyone out there running a 60 series deere with all the kuchar aftermarket parts on it. Feed accelerator pitch impeller rotor discharge beater are what I would like to know about. Will be harvesting corn and beans primarily. How much did their setup cost roughly as well? TIA
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I have seen the set-up at the show in lousville. It looked great and made sense even talking with a JD expert before. Everything he told me they had issues with Kuchar had basically fixed.
We have been running a Kuchar feed accelerator, rotor and separator grates. We just installed a discharge beater the other day so we'll see how that works this year. We have been very happy with his stuff and are very impressed at how smooth the combine runs now. We never plugged the feed accelerator once last year and we were only seeing maybe 20 or 30 rpm loss on the rotor in tough wheat. We have been very happy so far but we are not running in corn and we are trying soybeans for the first time this year.
How much faster do you think you can go with the set-up and still keep a good sample. Or does it just run smoother and give you a better sample? I am north of you if you have soybeans but I here that it works really good in tough conditions, is that what you have found?
We gained some speed but we were having trouble getting the straw out the back end last year. The factory discharge beater just couldn't get the straw away from the rotor fast enough. That's why we installed the Kuchar discharge beater this year. I'll let you know how it worked after harvest this year. The combine definitely ran smoother and we saw less whitecaps and part heads when thrashing wheat. I think it worked excellent in tough conditions because the feed accelerator is a staggered design so it wouldn't plug as easily. We actually didn't plug it once last year. The heavier rotor is better because it has so much more inertia so we were seeing way less rotor speed loss, especially in tough conditions. And with the heavier rotor, we aren't burning as much fuel in a day either. We also have less dust coming out of the feederhouse because of the design of the impeller. Where are you located scher?
Did you install all the parts at one time or did you install one at a time? I want to know if you noticed a difference with the discharge beater? Does it take the straw off the rotor better and do you get a better spread on the chopper because the beater feeds it more evenly?
We use kuchar rotor and aftermarket feed acc beater plus discharge beater and it feeds and gets rid of straw with no problem.I will tell that we have speedup kit on discharge but do not know if it needs it,combine run smooth with no rumble but did have close to a bu of corn on ground maybe just the year.As far as capacity goes HP is the issue
@tyler did you do work yourself or dealership do it?
WE had some help from a farm machanic but it not to bad also thank for the number thing just like to trust people.
We put them on our 9860 when we got it, we put the feed A,impeller, concaves and rasp bars.I get absolutely no groan anymore when doing green straw or Kosha weed.I think it was around 10,000 when we did it a couple of years ago.I don't think I could own one without Kuchar updates unless they have really addressed the impeller and concave issues.JMO.We put them on ourself, my son and I, did it before harvest, not too bad a job.
jdstsman I am also in Saskatchewan around NB. Thanks for all the info.
No problem scher. How are things lookin up your way?
Not to bad but flooding is about 1/8- 1/4 of our acres depending on the field
I know what you're sayin. We only seeded about 1/4 of our land this year due to being too wet. And now it's raining again:( It takes a long time to harvest a field when you only get one afternoon per week. What are you thinkin of doing to your machine scher, if you don't mind me asking.
I have ordered the whole system front to back. Accelerator, rotor, air foil, and back beater. We run Howard concaves already and will keep them in. plan on doing it with some help from another guy
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