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We are selling my dad's retirement combine, trust me he did not push it. It is a long shoe 1983 L-3 it has about 3000 hours on it. The engine scores a 0 on the oil analysis. (that is a perfect score). The motor has had rod and main bearings with-in the last 500 hours. It has a $4000.00 re-buiit hydro, Total chopper re-build: new floor, stationary and rotating knives, winter of 2012-13. New HD feeder beater summer 2013 complete with bearings and fingers. Heavy duty corn plus feeder house drive. Very good 23 degree firestone front 23.1 tires and NEW firestone 23 degree 12.4 x 24 lug rear tires (these are the good ones). The rear axle is a heavy-duty RICE axle, this eliminates spindle breakage. The air conditioner is completly changed over to R-134 and has a standon pump. It also is equipped with a chaff spreader. Cly bars and grate are good. Both raddle chains were new in 2013.
We are also selling the 920JD flex head that is on it. It functions perfectly on this machine. In fact we have used it in wheat for the last 8-10 years. It has 1 year reel old fingers. None are cut off. short end sides and JD Poly bottom. We also are selling our large finger 22ft rigid L-3 head . It has factory end caps on the reel a good sickle and is in excellent condition.
This machine was regularly serviced at Lang diesel Hillsboro ks. We told them that this was the combine my dad ran and that it was never to stop. It has almost never let us down. So why get rid of a combine like this? Well I have asked myself that very question. The answer is we also have a R-72, Dad wanted a reverser. So we bought him a R-62 to drive. I will have pictures of the L-3 shortly. It is currently buried in the shed but wanted to get the word out now. For the Combine and both heads we are asking $19,500. I would sell the combine and 22ft head separate for $13,500 BUT I want to sell the L-3 before the JD 920 head. Why? well if the combine is still in my yard at fall harvest a combine with out a flex head really would not help me too much. Thanks Dconn
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