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L3 header auger

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While cutting wheat the last couple of years, wheat goes around back side of auger. It then flips over the top of auger where it is hit with the reel and goes to the ground. I think I finally found the problem, but looking for suggestions for the cure. Flight on auger is worn in the middle but not on the ends. so there is about 3/4 inch gap in the middle 2/3 of the platform and 1/4 inch on the outsides. Can't lower the auger because it would hit on the ends. Platform seems to be true, flighting is just shorter in middle 2/3rds of auger. Possibly buy replacement flighting??Grind flighting down on ends of auger and then lower auger?? Any suggestions?
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Not sure which model head, but isn't there a stripper bar/plate/strip behind the auger attached to the back of the platform? Seems like you could adjust it in or out to help clear the auger and keep straw from being carried around. It's there on a Series 3 head and I think it was there on a Series 2 as well.
Yes it has a straw retarder as gleaner calls it. Didn't realize it was adjustable. Will have to check it out. Thanks.
LM series header. Stripper, straw retarder is riveted in place and not adjustable.
We fixed a Deere head with the same problem years ago. I can't remember the place we ordered it from, but I want to say it was a machine shop in Conrad, Mt. Maybe some of the guys from out there will know & chime in. They were weld on wear strips that came in a flat coil that you just screwed on around the auger, clamped on so the outer edge was back to original distance from auger tube & then welded in place. It made a simple quick fix. Might be worth a call to a place like Replacement Flighting Supply to see if they have them. Just google their name to get their site.
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