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Hello everyone,

I have been a member here since late 2011 so probably time I introduced my self aside a thread about an old JD95 combine harvester we still use here.

Briefly, we are only around 8000 acres and around 80% is grazing country. Highest point here is 3125 ft above sea level and it is certainly a quick slide down the hill in the wet as mostly black soil!

We run Merino and x breed breeders, finish the lambs and a solid Angus cattle heard.
Most of our crops go into hay, silage or harvested to value add or survival feed in droughts.

Our family have been here (have deeds) since first settlers in Aus so I intend to hang on if possible.

I get up to all sorts of other things as did a few trades (thank goodness) back in the 80's.

Lucky crop in dry times, baled and wrapped.


XB Lambs

Volvo loader and R model Mack ( the truck will be buried with me )

Shop made lift for my wife's 4X4 mini truck

12HT turbo 6 going into the 79 model HJ45
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