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Lateral tilt 2388

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We just sold our 2188 and went to a 2388. My old 2188 had the lateral tilt feeder house and I really like having it. In hindsight I should have removed it before I sold it. I was wondering where I should look to purchase one for our new combine? Thanks for any info.
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If you run a draper on the 2388 you won't need the lateral tilt. It will be part of the draper.
Ill be running 30ft 1010 and 1020. Maybe draper next year.
Case sells a kit pn 282723A2. Runs around $6600. I might be able to save you some if you pm me. Scrapers are almost always out.
There is a lateral tilt feeder house front going up for auction on Auction Time rite shortly.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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