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Anybody looking to buy LED head lights weather it be 4x6 or 5x7, I'd recommend buying JW speaker, not only are they REALLY GOOD quality, they put the light where it's intended to go, not just this big super bright pile of light out in front of the truck like some of the cheap Chinese eBay deals out there.

The JW speaker has a good beam pattern, a sharp and clean cut off line at the top of the beam so you don't blind on coming traffic, a wide pattern that illuminates the width of the road and then some, having been running 3 complete sets of these lights low and high beam for over a year now, I have had zero issues with the DOT at the scales and on the road, one driver got pulled into the scale so the patrol man could check the headlights, he saw they were JW speaker and was like I see you guys buy the right kind of LED headlights, he said they are starting to issue tickets for guys running the cheap, super bright non compliant lights.

So stop thinking that the good deal you got on eBay is just as good as the correct LED headlight because it isn't. I know they are expensive, but when the DOT says to you, thanks for getting the good ones, that really says somthing about the product.

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