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I'm no farmer yet but I'm working on a similar project, just for fun. (picture attached, in case of doubt; yes, I like upcycling ;) )
My goal for this year is navigation by D-GPS, to mechanically clean a false seed bed in organic farming. As I understand, currently, best practice in weed control is trying to burn them all to ****, or break your back in a tiny fist fight... I'd like to help decrease fossil fuel consumption and I don't want anyone to break their back for my food.

I intend to make a simple mission planner with spreadsheet and google earth, save that path to SD-card and have the bot run off. Some basic human-machine interfacing (buttons - LEDs) on the base station that would be located at the field entrance. Arduino only, no tablet, no internet.

Mainly looking to see how farmers would interact with such machines, I'm sure the ones I know will provide straight feedback! I'd like to play with the C94-M8P kit but it's a bit heavy on my hobby budget so I want to spend smart.

AOG looks like an excellent piece of work but it's designed for a tractor. I think an autonomous robot would be better of with differential steering to allow short turning, like the turtlebots in ROS (robot operating system). If I understand correctly, ROS has quite some options to interface with computer vision and can run on a rasperry pi (or the likes).

@ gavztheouch, how do you imagine interaction with a robot?


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