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Lincoln Quicklub on STS

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I was wondering if anyone has the Lincoln Quicklub automatic greasing system on their STS combine? (or anything for that matter). Is it a good system? Reliable? Would you recommend it?

It would sure cut down on non-rotating grease points and I like the idea of applying a small amount of grease regularly into warm bearings.
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We just bought a used 9860 with it already installed. The previous operators had three 9860's & had it on every one of them. They have three 9870's on order & they will will install the Lincoln's on them when they arrive.

I will have some first hand experience with it in a few months, but the previous operators highly reccommend them.
We have been using a Lincoln Quicklub on our 9660 STS for the past four seasons. (Approximately 1700 engine hours). We have had zero trouble and think it has done a wonderful job for us. Greasing a combine is not the funnest job to do, but it certainly is necessary. I can't imagine running a combine without one. Every bearing the Quicklub greases on our machine is in great shape and continues to operate perfectly. The one thing I would advise is being careful not to let the grease level in the Quicklub get too low because it may stop greasing. In this case, it will display an error code, but you may have to bleed a little air out of the main valve block behind the unit.
Have had a quicklub system on our 9750 for the past four seasons. Has worked very well for us. Make sure that when you run the grease lines to take extra care of tying them down and out of the way, in several places they run very close to belts and pulleys and it does not take much to wear them out. This system cuts down on maintenance time whenever you service and has actually taken one man off of our service crew.
Its a good system if you take care of it it also needs maintance. Watch what grease you put in it. and check your grease points . I have seen many that have had plugged lines out of the grease banks and that bearing or rod end did not get grease.
I dont know about combines (we run choppers) but I hope to never be without an auto lube system on a machine. I love them it cuts down so much on service time and extends bearing life infinitely, as long as you dont get a plugged line or run the system out of grease. I dont think any machine should be built with out it.
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