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linkage style header height and poly/steel skid

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our cable was stuck so i installed the linkage style and i went through the adjustments and got it all installed and i was checking the movement of the rods when i moved the floor up and down and the short linkage seemed to move alright but the long linkage seemed to move not like what the instructions says it should i dont know if this is normal or i need to do some other adjustments any help would be quite helpfull thanks!
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Re: linkage style header height

This may be a silly answer. Are all of you 5/16" bolts on the top linkage tight where the pot
is located? Also check on the right side under the shield for the pull back spring; to see if
that is helping to give the header a return. The spring on that side helps keep the header
from pushing into the ground or auto header height control.....H
Re: linkage style header height

ours doesnt have the spring on the right side, while going through the adjustment it said to disconnect it if it was equipped but the new linkage has a spring built into it and i kinda thought it was used to bring the pads back onto the runners
Re: linkage style header height

I wish I could send you a photo of the Spring setup, but equipment is
stored away for the winter. Does you header indicator on the right
side go below the center line during operation in the field? Thank you.
Re: linkage style header height

well honestly i couldnt tell you because i dont know we just got it and havent run it yet other than just seeing if the header height worked or not, but i know what your talking about they had a picture of the spring in the set up instructions
Re: linkage style header height

I would like to share more info with you, but like to ask you which combine you are using.
I have a1660 and have a field tracker for the first season here in 2007.

The arrow on the dial for the AHHC in the cab may not be the same from machine to another
machine because the potentiometer on the header maybe turned different. If the dial is set
too high (maybe 4-5 o'clock position) the header may not go down to the cutting position until
you turn the dial counter clockwise. Any other ? or comments are welcome. H
Re: linkage style header height

we have a 1660 also just got it this year before wheat harvest, but we had a different head on it when we were cutting beans at the time then we got this header a couple weeks ago on a sale. our setting on the other one i had the sensitivity about straight up and the height about 10 oclock i would say it did a great job but we just wanted a bigger head. and the only time i have run the newer one is when we took it off the header trailer. so i was wondering if anybody else ran a head with the linkage type and to see what they thought of it.
Re: linkage style header height

never added pictures before was seeing if it worked
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Re: linkage style header height

Make sure you have a potentiometer for a 1600 not for a 2100 and newer, the resistance is different and it will never work just right.
Re: linkage style header height

Yes it is different,but in the instructions it lists an adapter part # for the 16xx series. If i remember it just swapped two wires in the harness but don't remember which two. Price was about $45.00.The linkage deal works much better than cable style.
Re: linkage style header height

how do you tell the difference between the two, we got the adapter harness for it but i think we could of just switched the wires it was like switch a to c or b to c i forget which
Re: linkage style header height

The potentiometer difference between the 16xx and 21xx is the 1660 is a "black" pot.
the 21xx is a clear looking and has a different resistance and the header will be very

The next best thing for you is to have the header converted to a Full Finger auger. This
helps with feeding and no bunching in front of the auger. H
Re: linkage style header height

ok the kit came with the black one and the one that i took off was a clear one and the guy that we bought it from had it on a 2366. ya i wish i could put a full fingered auger in it but in a 20' head dont know if it would make a lot of difference
Re: linkage style header height

About the Full Finger auger. Makes it a lot easier to harvest in any conditions. I have 5 seasons
of harvest behind me and will not go back. I have the FF in my 20 foot head. No bunches in
front of the flighting....everything is pulled under the flighting and is "gone" to the middle for even
Re: linkage style header height

where did you get the auger for your head?
Re: linkage style header height

Had the FF auger custom converted by a farmer that does it in his shed. Adds a "finger" ever 15 inches and extra access holes for replacements. I took the reel off and delivered it to his farm so it was easier to work on and less weight for transportation. H
Re: linkage style header height and poly/steel ski

on both ends it has 3 pieces of steel skids that it kind of looks like its bolted over the poly which is getting worn so i wondered if i could just take off the steel and just run with the poly or if i take it off im going to screw somthing else up?
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