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loading crippled combine onto truck

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Have a 7720 turbo combine with 224 front

Engine seized last harvest

Wanting to sell it as is

Wondering what thoughts people had onto how to load this onto a truck

The front is still attached to the combine unfortunately !

Would a crane be the best option ?
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Give me the combine for free , I bet I would get it on a truck at that price.lmao

Do you have it sold ?

If the front is on the ground just undo its fittings lift it with forks or jack and block it up until its off the lugs then tow combine backwards, I agree with SW either push or winch it onto a low loader. The turning brakes should nilly be enough to keep it straight.
Thanks for all the replies guys

Very helpful information - much appreciated

Aussie farmer - no combine is not sold

Want $3000 negotiable for it

Located near Clare South Australia

Here is the link for the ad on Gumtree John Deere 7720 harvester | Heavy, Farming & Agriculture Equipment | Gumtree Australia Clare Area - Clare | 1080854376

If you can fit it in a post pack I will pay for it straight away .lol.
Looks pretty straight, the front should nearly be worth 3k . If I could get here for next to nothing I would come get it , If I had a way of getting the spare tyre I would give you $500 just for it .cheap handy for someone with one already. Should have no trouble selling it for $3000 shame we are 15 or 20 hours apart the freight would be more than the machine.
I know two other blokes with 7720's and they both done it , one happened on our place sprayed oil on to elevator and all around engine bay , it made enough smoke to scare the crap out off him he thought the engine musta blew up. Mine hasn't done it yet so maybe I should replace the drain hose just to be safe hey.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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