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loading crippled combine onto truck

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Have a 7720 turbo combine with 224 front

Engine seized last harvest

Wanting to sell it as is

Wondering what thoughts people had onto how to load this onto a truck

The front is still attached to the combine unfortunately !

Would a crane be the best option ?
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I was wondering if you could find one of those combine hauling trailers around that is low and has ramps. The easiest then would be to have a winch truck pulling it so it could just pull on the combine but depending on the equipment you have around there and the trailer style, if the truck was jackknifed that is pulling the trailer, and a chain or cable is able to pass by the truck and also reach out to behind the back of the trailer to hook to your combine. Then pull with a substantial tractor so it can idle along in low gear and also has good brakes so nothing gets out of hand. Blocking the trailer tires as well so that its not pushing on the towing truck too much.

Another way to load without the winch truck is if one has access to a large pulley that is attached forward on the trailer and then again a tractor is used to pull the cable through and the tractor takes off at an angle to the trailer leaving enough running room for the combine to pass it by. I'm not sure if its possible to get any steering action by turning the steering wheel on a combine like that but it may be possible to jack up the rear of the combine and then manipulate the tires straight and go from there. The problem is trying to do it cheaply due to the value of the combine as otherwise it would be more cost effective to try and sell it where is/as is, and let someone else deal with the hauling costs !.
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