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Hey everyone, I live in Western Colorado where there are not many center pivots and one guy who knows enough to come work on them. So I hope I can get some feedback or something to help me fix my pivot.

I have a 3 span Lockwood center pivot, circa 1970's, that is not on flat ground. It was purchased used in the 90's and has run flawlessly for 20 years. It is electric motor driven, the generator runs belt driven off of the irrigation pump, the spindle on the generator needs to run at 1,800rpm to produce 3-phase 480v. About two years ago it started having some major issues, which at the time was OK because we left that acreage fallow until this year. I got the pivot running, replaced the old control panel with a new one that has all new components in it, and it ran fine for about 3 weeks (after I seeded). Then the power collector got burned out (not sure how, maybe a nearby lightning strike), I replaced the power collector and it ran fine again for about a week. The contact switches in the tower boxes have started to shutter, as if it is not getting the 120v it needs to engage, I'm not sure. This was only happening on the steepest part of the landscape but now it is constant. The alignment hasn't changed, it has always been spot on, it only gets out of wack when the first tower contact switch won't disengage or shutters so much it keeps lurching forward.

I am not a pivot technician but I have been dealing with it for the past couple months to have become pretty familiar with it. I went through every tower box and replaced every part including wire solder-less connectors. The one component I haven't replaced are the alignment control switches.

I am at a loss.
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