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Looking at 2388's

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Hi all, I'm a new poster on this board and looking for some info. I know nothing about red machines, but looking to upgrade from a 9600 and I am concerned about the reliability of the new green rotaries. Looking for a machine with 1000-1500 sep. hrs. and wondering what model years improvements were made. Thanks in advance
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My dad and i upgrade from a JD 9500 to a CIH 2366. We absoultuely love the change. We also traded heads but kept them the same size. If i remember correctly, the 9500 and 2366 have very simularly sized engines. Even running the same headers, we gained slightly more capacity in corn and wheat, and probably double the capacity in soybeans. In addition, the grain loss and quality is much, much better than the 9500. Very pleased with the combine. Not much more to say that isn't covered by stewart7225 in the timeline you asked for.
What kind of capacity increase would a 2388 have over a 9600
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