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looking at a 2588

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I'm going to look at a used 2588 later on this evening and I'm wondering if there's anything special I should look at other than normal basics before I make my decision on it. I've been an axial flow guy for years (would be trading off a 2388 so I'm quite familiar with the style of machine) I haven't really heard of them having any major problems specific to that model but I figured I'd check here first. One of my biggest concerns is in buying any used machine from the area. last fall was very wet and pretty much everyone was out in a lot of mud pushing these machines very hard. is there any good way to check for a badly worn hydrostat?
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The Hydrostat will be fine. You might want to look into increasing the HP if it isn't already. Under-powered from the factory compared to a later model 2388 that has been adjusted.
Other than the normal things you would check on your existing 2388, check the rotary air screen sealing rubber hasn't rubbed through the yellow wear strip or even worse the air screen. All the best with finding a new machine
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there was issues with chopper drive, belt tension not set correct, take chopper brgs out, scott.
bought a 2588 new in 2007. has been a realy reliable machine. lots of power, the power boost lets you keep running same speed while unloading on the go.
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