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Looking for a decal

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Was at HHD and noticed a Case/IH combine that was a couple of years old that had a decal on the side that said "Rotary Technolegey....Axial Flow" There was also a newer combine that said the same also had "30th anniversay" on it's decal.

Anybody know the part number or combine model that the decal WITHOUT the 30th anniversay?....or was the "30th anniversary" an over lay of the base decal?
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Was "Rotary Technolegey" spelt that way, or this way "Rotary Technology"
Well as you can tell, spelling was NOT my best subject in school......and my sight wasn't that good either as I just looked at a brochure I picked up a HHD from Case and on the front of it is a picture of the decal in question and it says"Rotary Leadership"
"Axial Flow"
On the front of the current combine book is a picture of the decal I want...........and I'm sure (?) that is what I seen on that one older machine at HHD. Any help would be appreciated.
go to the case Ih web site and look up the parts catalog for a 2388. 2007 model year. P/N 87556992 I think is the one that your looking for. But go to the catalog your self and verify for yourself. Kelly
trakman, not as problem, Im just glad for spell check on the computer, hope you find your decals, have you tried Ebay
Can't get the CaseIH parts site to load on this junk computer. Went to Messicks site and the 2388's don't show what I'm looking for. Tried to load a 2588 parts list and it won't come up. This part number that was posted, matches a 7010 but it has the 30th anniversary on it.

Can anyone get the Case Ih site to load and look at a 2588....might be there. Thanks
the decal says 20 years of Rotary Technology? The part # is 279142A1. i had one changed form 20 years to 23 years to fit the year of my 2388 which was a 2000 model. i think they were only on the 97 and 98 models, the 30 year decal is only on 07 and 08 models
i found the part # on the web parts page for the first years of the 2388 models in the decal section
as far as i know u still can get the 20 and the 30 years decal. when i brought my 7010 in 07 i made my saleman buy one for the otherside
OK...lets take this a little further....we know the 30 year is a decal put on the side of the machine.......................Isn't the 20 year decal, the one thats on the entry door glass?
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