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Hello everyone,

I am looking for a position as a combine harvester operator (preferably a draper or auger header machine) from October 2021 until January 2022.
Born in the mid 90's I was raised in a small village 40 kilometers away from Munich, Germany. Surround by dairy and arable cropping farms and some smaller contractors from day one, I couldn't wait to finally participate in the harvest operations myself. My passion has always been particularly great for combine and forage harvesters. Meanwhile I have gained 8 years experience in operating combine harvesters in wheat, barley, canola and corn. I am familiar with various John Deere and Claas models (Claas Lexion 600 TT, Claas Lexion 500 & 400 series, John Deere T-series, 2266, 2258 Hillmaster models). It goes without saying for me that daily maintenance including cleaning, refueling, greasing, checking oils and small repairs are part of my duties as a combine operator.

I own the German driving licenses B (car) and T (tractors, combines) and I am fluent in German (mother tongue) and English (B2). I also speak a little French. Besides that, I am familiar with the operation and maintenance of John Deere forage harvesters (6000 & 7000 series). All these activities are carried out at local contractors and farmers during my vacation and spare time. For a living I work as an IT consultant at a joint-venture company founded by Microsoft and Accenture. After almost 10 years in the IT industry, I decided that it is time to fulfill a long-matured dream as a combine operator in Australia, New Zealand or Tasmania (inspired by a 2008 YouTube video of wheat harvest at Glenvar Farms) by taking advantage of my current job which offers me the once-in-a-lifetime chance of a 3 months sabbatical.

In particular, I am looking for an open vacancy where I can drive a draper or auger header combine harvester all day long, preferably a Claas / CAT Lexion, John Deere S-Series or New Holland CR machine. I would also be interested in a mixed fleet in order to gain as many different experiences and impressions as possible.

Since maize / corn harvest in Germany usually lasts until mid / end of October and I cannot to let my local (Germany based) contractors down, engagements before mid / end of October are unfortunately out of question for me. On the other hand, I have no problem spending Christmas and New Year's eve on a combine far away from home.

Please reach out to me via a private message or the email address in my signature in case you think my profile fits your needs or if you need any further information. If possible, please include the following information:

1. Desired start date of engagement
2. Estimated end date of engagement
3. Which fleet do you operate? (brands, model types, number of machines)
4. Where are you based and in which regions will I be deployed?
5. Which crops do you harvest (wheat, canola, etc) and how many acres / hectares?
6. Information about visa, accommodation, wages, car availability nearest airport etc.

Overall, I'm still a bit in the dark about when and where exactly harvest starts in which parts of Australia.
If you know of farms and contractors that are looking for guys like me, fit my scheduling and that you can recommend, please let me know! I already thought about Radford Harvesting but in another thread someone advised to stay away from them for unknown reason.

Thanks for reading!

Some impressions that I collected over the years:
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Harvest in OZ usually starts in late October for many. However, in central Queensland it can start much earlier ........ all depends upon the weather!
If we presume this COVID stuff is over & world travel is back to something resembling normal, you’d have to be in OZ by mid October.
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