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Skype: sereganimchenko
Phone number: +38066 145 38 21 (Viber/ WhatsApp)
Facebook : Sergii Nimchenko

Hi everyone

My name Sergii,from Ukraine 30 years old.
I`m looking for a job at custom harvesting who will supply a work visa. (Temporary Foreign Worker Program , H2A) .
I`m a hard worker, so working 80-90 hours a week it`s not a problem for me.

From 01.06.2017 to 01.12.2017 (6 months ) Worked at Matt Hopson Harwesting in USA.
I have operated 3 types of tractors with different geerboxes and engine power: John Deere 8410 , John Deere 8420 , John Deere 4840 I have operated grain cart tractors. I have driven Ford F 350 Pick-Up truck (120 hours) for mowing 40-45 feet MacDon headers between states Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado. Operated GMC TopKick fill truck with manual gear box
I operated 2 types combines John Deere S 670 and John Deere STS 9770 for harwesting wheat , milo , corn.

Skill: Cars driving Level: Advanced
Skill: Tractors operating Level: Advanced
Skill: knowledge and understanding of computer and electronic Level: Beginer
Skill: Technical maintenance Level: Intermediate
Skill: Combine operating Level: Intermediate
Skill: Combine and tractor daily Service Level: Intermediate
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