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My name is Leif Ege and I looking for some seasonal farm work this summer. I am 20 years old. I am currently in college for an agricultural degree and I am looking for a job for the summer to keep me busy and to help get me through the next semester financially. Ideally, I like to be working for a haying or custom harvesting operation. I am currently living in southern California, but I would be willing to travel as far east as the Plains if the job requires it.

I consider myself a hard worker. I am very passionate about farming and operating heavy equipment. I have some experience with operating tractors and farm machinery. I have done some work as an intern for an almond farm near Fresno where I ran mostly tillage equipment. I have also done some miscellaneous tractor work for my grandfather where I have used a baler and stack wagon, frontloader, and such. I do not have a CDL yet, but I willing to get one this season if my age allows it.

Due to my class schedule, the earliest that I would be available to work is June 5 and the latest that I could work until would be August 18. There maybe a very slight possibility that I could work much later, but I won't know this until at least the middle of May. I can be contacted at my email address ([email protected]) or here on the forums. If there is any more information you want from me, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

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