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Looking To Upgrade

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Hey guys, new here.

We have a 2366 with a 6row and 20' grain head.

Its got 2400hrs on it and is starting to just simply wear out. Not to mention it was purchase when between the farms it only went across 500 acres.

Now its going across 1600 acres and is a weak link. Now for a grain farmer im sure a 2366 would work fine for this many acres but for dairy farmers our time is limited and we need to get done quickly.

Not really sure what we are going to go to but it is obviously going to be a CASE IH and it will be used.

Not really sure what would be the best bang for the buck. Im thinkin a 2577.

any other thoughts.
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We noticed a nice increase in productivity when going from the 66 to 88 sized machine. I think a lot of that had to do with the larger rotor/sieves. We made the jump back in the 1666/1688 era.

The 77s are the same core machine as the 88s, but with less HP. You probably won't notice the HP in corn, so you would be able to push the machine to its limit of clean grain elevator or sieves. You'll be driving pretty fast with a 6 row corn head on a 77, but people do that. A 25 or 30' platform would be about right. You can also add the hopper extension so it holds as much as a 88 does.

The electronic engines do burn more fuel than the mechanical pump engines. I think the 2005s were the last model year for mechanical pumps.

yeah sounds right..i think 05 was the last year
I think well put an 8 row on weve been wanting to for awhile.

Were already cruising pretty good with out 6 row on the 2366. about 5.5mph when doing corn for the dairy.

We dont do much of any corn that needs to go to the elevator. This year we did maybe 60 acres at the most that went to the elevator the rest gets ground as high moisture corn for the farm so we dont keep it very clean at all.

we also dont do a whole lot of wheat and beans. This year was the first year our farm did beans since 10 years ago. My uncle does enough of both though, but it still doesnt really amount to much.
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