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Saw the New Case 24 row Planter which looked pretty nice..

7010 also there...

then a 305 magnum (i still like the lil changes they did on that machine)

and a STX then some smaller tractors..

Wed was a pretty slow day from the way it looked

Also saw the new color screen we will get this year with the combine and it looked really nice

Also found out that Case AFS Tech support is changed to agleader so i thought that was a good move

Everything is just that but case badged and case programs

Personally im not sure whats wrong with just useing agleaders stuff...

but weve been very happy with case's programs and monitors in the combine

Just wanted to give some info on the show.

Also the new smaller model case sprayer was there and i love the thing.. its really nice looking finally

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ran a MX275 on grain cart this fall. the cab set a little higher than the MX255 it replaced that was nice for seeing in truck. also like the new latch on the hood and the full hodd opening eliminating the little door on left side.
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