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Just got a call from a family member

Sounds like they have an 8010 with a draper head

(what no 1688 combine with all new parts on it) darn


Also they didn't get close but they do have a new STX and Magnum also the hood opens up from the front

im heading down friday and saturday
so i'll add more later

Also the new wing that was being built last year is finished and im told its full of stuff

Can't wait to go..

I usually look everything over except for Deere Stuff

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been their and back 8010 with draper Challenger had new 4WD their as well as 680B combine very impressive combine Deere had their bullet rotor also harvestech 735 head for 8010. bought a pair of milwauke 28V battery impacts I suspect the boys will like them. Tractor pull was great last night off to vegas saturday morning

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As stated case had the 8010 and a nice looking 36ft draper

Also had the planter and The largest New

STX steiger (with tracks and a magnum)

The Magnums new hood opening feature is very sweet

They had the new hall added onto the main dealers hall so it was alot bigger this year

Looked like cat had a nice display and there 4 wheel drive tractor looked good

I did walk by the deere once cause i saw something that actually looked interesting for once

they had a rotor and everything else that goes with it...sives augers ect all hooked up and it ran in slow motion

So you could see how it worked and it was a very impressive demo

so after that i got a lil sick from seeing alot of green stuff and left

also ive never seen so much green clothing and pink deere outfits in my life

its pathetice how much clothing they sell now days

and places you can get them in mall's and such

IM sure walmart will have stuff soon

I did sit in a mcCormick tractor and it was kinda nice..

Still have the round dorky knobs but its kinda growing on me.

Maybe thats not so bad afterall...

woods mowers had a good display...took there best mower and jacked it upright so that you could see under it.....

IM surprised the back wheels were holding in there..

We used to run them and went threw two woods mowers and finally decided they just weren't worth our time

Now on bushog and so far so good (Y)

Well have a good spring/fall (depends on the day)

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Just a ASM 1200

i want to know that question too

just how does this thing fold

i personally don't think there are alot of different ways it could besides of what ive seen on deere's and such

i doubt you could fold one like the ASM 1200's

but i could be wrong
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