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Lupins? where's the pods

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Lupins isn't carrying alot of pods this year. You can see that it flowered, but almost no pods formed. Just 1 or 2 at each flowering stage. What can be the reason? Had a wet and cold winter, rain almost every week. It was growing spectacular, just didn't make any pods.

Any advice on what went wrong and how to prevent it. You spray something that can help with pod forming?
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Vegetative growth needs to have a check ( heat or dry weather) to trigger podding.
Could it be excessively wet weather, keeping the plant in the vegetative growth stage and inhibiting the onset of podding?
I had a Chickpea crop that did not pod at all once, due to excessively wet weather and excessive growth ( looked like the Jungles of Borneo).
Should get a good wheat crop there next year. Apparently a whiff of 24D to stress them out makes them pod up. I suppose they found that out from spray drift
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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