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lw grates for cutting wheat

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this is my first time to cut wheat with a 2388. i have neighbors who have ran them for 30 years. they say just leave the lw in for wheat they will do fine. i never changed the grates in my gleaner or New Hollands. but others keeps telling me to put the sw and slotted in. what do you think
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Small wire cocaves are designed for wheat, large wire for corn and beans. Large wire might woirk for wheat but small wire will work better. Around here we have one variety that I think we could thrash well with lw but some we couldn't. It may depend on your variety whether lw will work ok. Also how much wheat do you have? For a small amount it may not be worth buying an extra set of concaves.
Large wire for wheat then you will get a very dirty sample. Small wire are for wheat.

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Just to make sure we're on the same page - concaves are at the front of the rotor, grates are at the rear.

We tried large wire concaves last year (along with the new Lowen helical in the first position). We were back at the house that afternoon putting small wires in. The large wires can work if you don't have anything else or just have a few acres, but you'll have to tolerate more trash.

What are you using for grates? If your 2388 was mostly a corn machine then it might have keystock grates, which aren't that good in wheat. Slotted grates work better, but we still use the Kuchar grates that we had on the old 1480 and 1680.
i have the lw in the front and keystock in the back. i have the afx rotor and 163 sep hours on the machine. i have 900 acre to cut. and i bought a set of swire grates and have the slotted ones too
i mean i have the small wire concaves and the slotted grates
For 900 acres, put them will be MUCH happier!
ok i put in the small wire concaves but left in the keystocks
Put in your slotted grates, will help with the sample also. Kind of a pain but worth it, just put the back one in first, then the front one and middle for last. Will help carry trash out back and will not bust it up so bad.
We just got a new combine last fall, our old 1660 we ran SW with the first concave blanks over it, and slotted grates in the back. We are going to try LW with the cover plates over the first concave and one cover plate on where the return dumps into the rotor . We will still be running slotted grates in the back. I think this will work just fine but any others experence will be helpfull. The cover plates are from Harvest services in SK Ca Iam not sure if they have a web site or not. they have some exclent up grades.
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