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Our M does not do a good job in our soybeans this year. Because they were freeze damaged, we have to run the cylinder very close to thresh all the beans. It grinds the mog to a near powder. The combine plugs in front of the straw walkers.

The N7 did a good job in the same conditions. We left a 15 acre field to get the M lined out for next year.

The engine tach shows the correct engine speed, but we want to check it. There is no safe place to put our hand held tach on the engine. I thought about checking the fan speed, since everything should be proportional. Does anyone know the correct fan speed?

When cleaning out the M, I noticed that the straw walkers really do not "walk" the mog out, it is more like throwing it in the air. It really does not do that unless the engine is at least 3/4 speed. I thought perhaps the the speed was not what it should be, thus not giving it enough capacity.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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