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Macdon 2388 to 6088 conversion

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I know this is the wrong place but im really curious how hard this is going to be...we should be getting the conversion kit soon and we will already be in season... anyone did this and how hard is it?

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I went from a macdon set up for an 8010 to a 2388 and did the conversion in just a couple hours.
I got ya.... What all did u have to do in general
I had to put on a different pto shaft, that was pretty easy.
Remove the face plate and bolt the new one in its place, thats probably the hardest part of it all because the hydraulic lines run along the front of the face plate. We unbolted the face plate and held it back like a foot or so with a fork lift while we "messed" with the hydro lines. The lines are pretty long and require some slack on the right side and are pretty tight on the left if I remember correctly so before we removed the lines we marked them at both edges of the face plate so we new how much slack needed to be on both sides when we put things back together. The electronics were very easy to do also but I'm not sure how you will need to do them, does the 6088 use the same style electronic conections as the 2388 or like the 70/8010's.
It is an easy switch to change the hardware over, I wouldn't think you'll have any problems but like I said I'm not sure what your el. connections are on the 6088.
Good question... I'm thinking this will be easier than ur process. But we will see... 2'500 for the kit..
I also put on the single point hydraulic kit on my 2388 so when I unbolted the hoses on the face plate I never had to change hydro ends, just unbolt and bolt back on the hoses to face plate.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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