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Macdon m 150 draper speed

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Can anyone confirm that the draper speed can be indexed to ground speed on an M-150. The manual shows that it can, but I can't seem to make it function.
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Oh oh, program time!

You need to go into monitor and select it likely.
Too long since I ran mine so sorry, can't member exact procedure.
I have tried indexed draper speed however and I never really cared for it.:(
Been awhile but I would just pick a draper speed that leaves the evenest swath.
Speed varies greatly with conditions but 10 km sounds good to me.
What year is the swather hondaman?
Perhaps logic has changed on programming.
The indexed reel speed works a bit better but generally not as good as most combines do it.
The big thing is how much more torque both the reel and draper drives can develop now to suit the wide headers.
The new ribbed rollers (sounds like something you'd pickup in the fun section of the local drugstore;)) really helps with traction on the drapers, the small diameter roller size necessitated by the thin cutter bar profiles have made draper driving a bit of a nightmare due to lack of contact area.
Seems indexing logic hasn't matched.:(
my CR9070 with Honey bee header does not fit in your MOST category.
TR 99 was far better.:(
1 - 5 of 24 Posts
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