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Macdon m 150 draper speed

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Can anyone confirm that the draper speed can be indexed to ground speed on an M-150. The manual shows that it can, but I can't seem to make it function.
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When I do that it just changes reel speed I think.
You say you didn't like indexed canvas speed, so you just set the min. speed I assume. What draper speed do you find lays the nicest canola swath if you are cutting at 8-10 kph. Seems like swath is not always as even as I would like.
Thanks nicemustang, I will try again. For some reason It always shows me the min speed, but I can't seem to find the indexed speed. Once you get going faster than your min speed is that when the display changes to indexed speed. I scroll through the whole list and only see reel speed indexing.
That is what I am wondering also Don. It is a 2008, so one of the early models. I know I am not real monitor savvy, but for the most part this is a fairly basic monitor. I find messing around with monitors while swathing canola is not always the best scenario.
Easy enough to fiddle with monitor if you have gps and cutting liberty canola :rolleyes:[/QUOTE]

Well I guess that depends on where you farm. I have liberty canola and gps, but land is so variable that what I really need is "crop sensing reel height control". Those of you who farm in areas with unlimited top soil don't know how good you have it;)
Nicemustang, when you scroll through the list of hrs, acres, reel speed, etc. do you actually come across draper index? I don't, I see reel index, and min reel speed, as well as min draper speed, but not draper indexed speed.
I still think that some of the early models from 2008 don't have that logic in the monitor. I played around with mine yesterday and had min speed set at 3 mph and I drove 6 mph and it did not change over to no indexed speed. I will leave min speed set at 6.5 and call it good.
The indexed reel speed works a bit better but generally not as good as MOST combines do.

Well that may be, but then my CR9070 with Honey bee header does not fit in your MOST category. I feel the reel indexing on my m 150 is way better than on my combine. Combine does not use an actual reel speed sensor, but must go off oil flow. Oil flows much differently at different temps, but combine does not seem to realize this. When you start out for the day and oil is not fully warmed up reel is going twice as fast as when you shut down the previous day. Needs lots of tweaking, not a set it and forget it. TR 99 was far better.:(
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