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MacDon on a 590R

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Has anyone ever removed some flighting and added fingers to the feeder drum
to help the feederhouse run full and perhaps feed the cylinder more evenly and not crowd the center?
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I traded four random middle fingers and put two of them on each side of the feed auger. I put them inside the flighting where the paint is worn off from crop flow. I didn't think they would do much good hidden behind flighting. The next thing to do would be remove some inner flighting if this doesnt do the trick.
Seedcleaner I think you are on the right track by cutting back some of the flighting so it does not push the crop so far to the center. I have also cut out the square pieces in the outer bottom corners of the feeder house to get more space for big canola swaths. I was concerned about crop wrapping on the ends of the front drum but no problems so far. There is a lot of crop material that flows or wears on those outer corners of the drum but if there is a difference, the advantage of increased flow offsets the downside. Some guys on this forum are having trouble with chains jumping a tooth on one sprocket . I have not. I wondered about cutting a 45 degree diagonal off those plates or a curved pattern
instead of taking it right out like I did.
How are your crops this year? Hope you have a good harvest!!!
Seedcleaner how is harvest going? Did you get to try any changes to make the feeding more even across the whole machine? I looked at both my machines and see the paint is all worn off the ends of the feeder drums. It looks like a fair amount of material is forcing up right on the outer ends of the drums. My wide body machines seem to be feeding fairly even across the whole width of the APS and cylinder . Next week the tech is coming to do the front rotor bearing update on the 590 and I will have a good look at the wear pattern on the impeller. I have a SB wear kit to install and want to look into that flow kit, whether it would be any advantage or not??? I have not had any problems with plugging the impeller or material hanging up in that area so maybe should leave well enough alone!
In the past I have cut flighting right off the center tube , and back to the width of the feeder house. In heavy crop the material will push into the center from both sides and even out across the whole width but it can not fill the outer edges properly if the header auger pushes it too far in the beginning. Better to use acetylene than risk stray current with plasma.
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