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MacDon on a 590R

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Has anyone ever removed some flighting and added fingers to the feeder drum
to help the feederhouse run full and perhaps feed the cylinder more evenly and not crowd the center?
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So, I was about to get the 740tt ready for wheat today. I was looking up the rock trap and IIRC, at about 700 engine hours, the APS "caps" are getting rounded, but not on the side of the APS, only the middle ones. I do not believe the returns are the primary cause of the cap wear, as it should do a decent job of spreading the material by the return auger design.

It appears I need to change something to make the header feed more evenly. I have noticed much more impeller wear in the middle as compared to the sides, as well as build-up of material above the impeller. On the other hand, at times I do a "power shut-down" and the chaffer load is spread very evenly side to side, a nice benefit to the Claas design IMO.

I guess I have a few options to modify the 40' FD70 to feed more evenly.

add more fingers to the side of the auger
remove some of the middle fingers
cut a few inches off the flighting in the middle, or cut it down to the tube
a combination of the above options

This is an issue a rotor machine really wouldn't be dealing with. Having said that, this should be fixable and doing so at the header will only help the combine work even better.
I guess maybe that is why some of you have more trouble seperating the crop material at the impeller than others...more material in the centre means more to separate
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