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MacDon on a 590R

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Has anyone ever removed some flighting and added fingers to the feeder drum
to help the feederhouse run full and perhaps feed the cylinder more evenly and not crowd the center?
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What type of Macdon header are you talking about?
Let us know if you try it this year and how it works.
As I thought about this more I was wondering if feeding more material at the edge of the feederhouse might cause more chain jumping issues.
I looked at my FD70 and could not believe how much flighting they have pushing the crop to the middle. If time allows I will try to modify this and either remove some of the inner flighting or cut off at least 1 inch of depth in the last bit of flighting near the center. My pickup head hardly has any flighting compared to the FD70 adapter.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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