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Macdon tilt and reel moving at the same time?

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When I extend or retract my reel or header tilt, the other function begins to move once the selected function moves to its fullest. Are they all like this, because it really bothers me!!!

More detail:

2011 FD70 40' with Lexion package. Came with a HydraForce selector valve (the item that selects if you want to tilt or move reel). I just updated it to the newer style Bosch Rexroth as used on current headers and no change whatsoever. There has to be some internal leakage within this valve, buy why it acts just like the original valve has me puzzled. I unhooked the coils, (three on the Bosch) and operated it, and it still bypasses to the other function.

It makes me think all MacDon headers act like this but I can't believe that. It is frustrating when one function moves when operating the other.

Any insight completely appreciated.
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Guess I haven't tried every combination but I did notice when I extended the tilt all the way it would max out and the reel would start going fore.

First year having an FD70 (actually have an 08 Case 2162) so I can't tell you if this is normal or not. I guess it doesn't bother me really but I haven't ran it in the field yet. I'm guessing I won't hit max or min on anything and if I do and something else moves oh well.
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