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Macdon tilt and reel moving at the same time?

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When I extend or retract my reel or header tilt, the other function begins to move once the selected function moves to its fullest. Are they all like this, because it really bothers me!!!

More detail:

2011 FD70 40' with Lexion package. Came with a HydraForce selector valve (the item that selects if you want to tilt or move reel). I just updated it to the newer style Bosch Rexroth as used on current headers and no change whatsoever. There has to be some internal leakage within this valve, buy why it acts just like the original valve has me puzzled. I unhooked the coils, (three on the Bosch) and operated it, and it still bypasses to the other function.

It makes me think all MacDon headers act like this but I can't believe that. It is frustrating when one function moves when operating the other.

Any insight completely appreciated.
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That is NOT normal. My money was on the valve until you said you changed the valve and the symptoms followed. Do both functions move if you have the valve energized or not energized? Wonder if something is plumbed incorrectly.
I can double check one of my headers or you can look in your manual for a hydraulic schematic, but I'm wondering if you have the ports crossed. I would think A1 and A2 would be one function (fore-aft) and B1 and B2 would do the other (tilt). Having them crossed would make them both move like your talking.

I think Normally Open (non energized) position of the valve is supposed to operate the fore-aft. When it switches position it leaks a small amount of oil and will mess with your fore aft.
I never had a chance to look at our headers today, but if you say the schematics say its correct then it must be right... too bad, that would have been too easy.

I did the same thing as you and switched the hoses so that the N.O. position was the tilt because thats what we adjust most often, and we had a lot of trouble with the reel creeping and moving the 3 fore-aft cylinders out of phase. I came to the conclusion because its a 2 position, 6 way valve that there is a small amount of leakage to the energized port and when the energized circuit is running the fore-aft it takes so little leakage to move it because it would run significantly less pressure than the tilt cylinder runs.

So in summary, I had 2 headers that ran with header tilt in the N.O. position, both gave trouble with the reels creeping for a whole season. Changed them back to the way they were and problems went away. Thats my experience!
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If you rarely use the fore-aft, you could always move it back to the factory plumbing, then hotwire the solenoid so its energized with acc power, then put a switch to cut power for whenever you happen to need to adjust the fore aft.
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