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Machine Storage Opinion

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I am wanting to build a post frame building this fall, 50x100x20. Live in western ND in the Bakken horror. Any opinions on who the better building/builder that would come to this area may be. It's impossible to get anything done here by local contractors without a year's wait. I know some of the neighbors use Goodon. I priced a package last fall from Home Depot who use Hanson Buildings. Wasn't a bad deal but without a contractor.
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I have a Goodon and a Prairie Post Frame: PRAIRIE POST FRAME - Welcome

The next one will be Prairie Post Frame without a doubt! If you get a Goodon make sure you put in the contract for them to bury the posts more than 4-5' and to stagger the purlins. With Goodon it is all about speed and that reduces building strength. My Goodon shed is actually lifting out of the ground every winter because posts are too shallow and ground is wet!!!
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