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One idea of ​​the videoconference of May 5 was to separate beginner and user questions from developers asking. In addition, it makes sense for developers to talk to each other separately and not to confuse the users.

A member of our development team has a Mattermost server
realisert on his own webspace. The whole is located in safe and neutral Switzerland.

Mattermost is like Slack but it is open source.

To use the server you need a private invitation link. We want to avoid being overrun by bots.

Every user who understands software development is invited to join us.

The goal is to support Brian and make AgOpenGps the best power steering solution.

Mattermost can be operated on the mobile as well as on the pc via browser.

Applications for iOS and Android can be downloaded from the stores.

After setup, this is as easy as whatsapp to use.

Christian has also set up a server for the next videoconference. Further information follows.

If you want to join us, please contact me via a short PN message.

You can find the server at:

Thank you!!
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