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Morris Contour One Opener

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I have owned a Morris Contour One for 10 years. I have 12 inch spacing and have been using the Morris 4 inch paired row openers. My packer wheels are relatively flat and 4.8 inches wide. I seed at about 4.5 mph. I put down my Nitrogen in another pass so i use it as a single shoot drill. I seed spring wheat, canola, flax, and soybeans.
I do not like the Morris openers because they move a lot of dirt, leave a terrible field finish, wear out quickly, and are cumbersome to change. Despite these characteristics, the drill has raised some pretty good crops.

Late this spring on a local classified add, I purchased Bourgault bodies for the C1 with 1 inch tips. I used them at the end of the seeding season. I thought the tips left a trench and my relatively flat packer wheels rode up on sides of the seed trench and didn't really do any packing where the seed was placed.

I talked to the Bourgault Tillage Tool Representative and he recommended trying either a 2 inch, 3 inch, or 4 inch spread tip. He gave me one of each tip and wanted me to experiment and see which one worked best. They are in the $150 - $170 price range.

Another option is to keep the 1 inch tips and buy the V-shaped packer wheel that Morris makes and hope that it packs better and pushes more dirt into the seed trench. They are $149 each.

I need help... have any of you found the right solution for an opener on a C1?
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The crop emerged fine and the yields were good, however, we received a nice rain after i seeded it so it is still a little concerning to me.

Did you have any reservations or regrets to moving to a 12 inch seed spacing? On Spring Wheat, Canola, Flax, and Soybeans do you feel I would have any yield drag moving from a smaller spacing to 12 inch?
I have a C1 that I've tried several different seed boots... the best I found was the Dutch paired row with the(liquid/NH3) down the front tip.. I was using NH3 at the time.. I now only use the C1 for canola.. went to the Bourgualt 3/4'' knife and the Morris V packers... works great..
I now have the Fert spread so seed separation isn't an issue..

My 41 dutch seed boots and the 41, 4.8" packer wheels are for sale, new front tips for the seed. boots come with them..

I recommend the dutch seed boots
Northern Farmer, where are you located? I might have some interest in your take off packer wheels. Could you call or text me at (701)500-2828 or message me back on the combine forum? Thanks
Northern Farmer, where are you located? I might have some interest in your take off packer wheels. Could you call or text me at (701)500-2828 or message me back on the combine forum? Thanks
Northern farmer, where are you located? I might have some interest in buying your takeoff packer wheels for C1. Could you please text or call me at 701-500-2828 or message me on the combined forum?
They are at Abernethy Sask.
Hi! Sorry for the delayed response as I am calving out cows and the weather hasn’t been cooperating. Here are a few questions about the Morris Contour One packer wheels…
1). I have the 4.80-8/3.75 semi-pneumatic packer wheels. What size are yours?

2). Are they the original packer wheels for your drill? If so, what year is your drill? What year did you change to the V-shaped packer? How many acres on them?
3). Have they been stored inside? Out of Sun? Heated shop?
4) What condition are they in?
Ok. Well, I have a 2009 47’ Contour One with about 42,000 acres. I have replaced about 28 of the 47 packer wheels. It’s impossible to determine the life of a packer wheel (not like looking at remaining tread on a car tire). One day it’s fine and the next it’s cracked.
I purchased some used opener tips in Saskatchewan. When the weather warms up, I am going to go and pick them up.
If you have the packer wheel size I described in a previous post, I would be willing to give you $20 US/wheel for your used wheels that are in working condition. If you want more than that, I would probably just buy new. I could put your wheels on and make a round and find that they are cracked??? The rubber is obviously older and more brittle than a new one.
So if you want more than $20, there is no use continuing the conversation. Otherwise, I would like to verify the wheel size and pick them up when the weather warms up on my trip to get the tips. Let me know what you decide. Thanks for your patience and interest!
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