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Morris Contour One Opener

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I have owned a Morris Contour One for 10 years. I have 12 inch spacing and have been using the Morris 4 inch paired row openers. My packer wheels are relatively flat and 4.8 inches wide. I seed at about 4.5 mph. I put down my Nitrogen in another pass so i use it as a single shoot drill. I seed spring wheat, canola, flax, and soybeans.
I do not like the Morris openers because they move a lot of dirt, leave a terrible field finish, wear out quickly, and are cumbersome to change. Despite these characteristics, the drill has raised some pretty good crops.

Late this spring on a local classified add, I purchased Bourgault bodies for the C1 with 1 inch tips. I used them at the end of the seeding season. I thought the tips left a trench and my relatively flat packer wheels rode up on sides of the seed trench and didn't really do any packing where the seed was placed.

I talked to the Bourgault Tillage Tool Representative and he recommended trying either a 2 inch, 3 inch, or 4 inch spread tip. He gave me one of each tip and wanted me to experiment and see which one worked best. They are in the $150 - $170 price range.

Another option is to keep the 1 inch tips and buy the V-shaped packer wheel that Morris makes and hope that it packs better and pushes more dirt into the seed trench. They are $149 each.

I need help... have any of you found the right solution for an opener on a C1?
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Haven't ever had a good look at a C1 but dad has a c2. He didn't like the morris openers. They were wearing early and had like 13 pieces per opener. Ended up going with a dutch paired row. 3" if I had to guess.
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