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Mounting 608C Chopping Head on CIH 2188

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Wanted to know if anyone has installed an 8 Row 30 John Deere 608C Chopping corn head on a CIH 2188? We currently have a 2608 8 Row 30 Chopping head on the combine but have had problems with the gearbox on the chopper not holding up and a CaseIH dealer that is not very good with combines. My main concern is if the head will run at the correct speed seeing that the 2188 has a fixed feeder house speed verses John Deeres variable speed feeder house. We currently run 2.5 to 3 miles per hour in irrigated corn while chopping stalks.
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Case man... Get yourself a spare steering buckle, likely to break that, we had issues on our 2388 when we had that kind of weight.. It often was once a year..
Also watch the center of your rear axle, it will crack and split right in the middle.
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