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Mounting 608C Chopping Head on CIH 2188

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Wanted to know if anyone has installed an 8 Row 30 John Deere 608C Chopping corn head on a CIH 2188? We currently have a 2608 8 Row 30 Chopping head on the combine but have had problems with the gearbox on the chopper not holding up and a CaseIH dealer that is not very good with combines. My main concern is if the head will run at the correct speed seeing that the 2188 has a fixed feeder house speed verses John Deeres variable speed feeder house. We currently run 2.5 to 3 miles per hour in irrigated corn while chopping stalks.
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We are in the same boat this year. Bought a 612c 20" head and mounting it on a 2388. Our concerns are the same as yours. We are in the middle of doing beans as I type and by next week we should be into corn. Let me know how it works and if you have any problems. Interested in your ground speed and how well of a job it does chopping being no variable speed on the feeder house.
How much did you pay for the head sight adapter? Right now we just adapted our hydraulic couplers and hard wired the lights. I guess if the adapter is cheap enough I'd be willing to splurged a little for header height control.
Well, day one with the setup went extremely well. The head chopped very good in 185+ corn. Ran any where from 2.3 - 2.8 mph. No lugging once so ever or having the slip clutch slip. Obviously our fuel consumption was up a tad but that was expected. Our only draw back with the head is the weight. We've added close to 2200 lbs (weight rack and fluid) to the rear end and it's still front heavy. As of now we are leaving everything the same. Other than the weight being a issue, this head seems to be a home run.
Thanks for the heads up. I appreciate it. Just ordered one today.
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