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All of our fields are within 30 miles of our base so its not too big of a deal to just drive the tractors around but sometimes it would be nice to either haul a second implement to the field say were combining during the day and wanting to do vertical tillage at night.

We are looking for a way to move 14'+ equipment behind a truck. We have pulled an 1100 bushel grain cart, 24' drill, and 24' turbo max behind an f550 and it was pretty good but I needed a heavier hitch. Ive tossed around the idea of having a hitch made for a semi.

My dealer wants help pulling around implement without having to take them apart so they can keep there guys in the shop. If we put on a lowboy we need super load permits for anything over 14' so I don't really wanna deal with that or escorts.

What kind of setup are y'all using or have y'all seen?

Also for lowboys what do y'all recommend? I am going to haul some equipment for people but also want to be able to haul my equipment as needed and deck height is my concern. I would like the possibility of 3 axles.

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