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I sold and installed 3 Mud Hog kits this year, all on STS combines. I sold them for $19,000 CAN plus $2000 for the 26" rim kit. The bolt pattern is different so almost guaranteed you have to buy rims. Install takes about a day for an experienced tech. This is a 2 spd kit which is really nice to have. It gives you lots of different speed and torque ranges on the hydro. Normally with 2wd you have just your 3 ranges. But with the hi and lo 4wd you now have 3 ranges in each transmission gear because of the different oil displacement usage on the 4wd motors. Eg- 3rd gear on trans, 4wd in hi your top speed is 12 mph and you have enough torque to cross a soft field so you don't have to putt along in 2nd gear at 7mph. Its almost as good as Prodrive. Deere 4wd was 2spd after 2001 so keep that in mind if you're looking for a salvage kit.
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