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Mungbean ?

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I haves rasied mung beans for a couple of years for a hay crop and also harvested some for a seed crop two years ago. I found some info out of Australia that might help with this years harvest but have some questions. The info I found said to use glyphos to help with desiccating before harvest. Does using glyphos hurt the germination on the beans? Also how much do you use?
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With the latest varieties we have over here they have a bit more stay green traits so 1.8L/ha of Roundup 450 and spray once the main crop is 90% ripe pods, we find our best crops are the ones that are finishing up at the end of summer they shut down a lot easier were as spring planted ones here want to keep going and in mid summer it's hard to decide when to shut them down if you have moisture they just keep flowering and podding if you pick it wrong you can have some real quality issues
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