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Mustard prices??

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Can anyone make sense of the .50$/lb price drop in mustard over the last month? Did some country have a bumper crop? Is it speculation on increased acres next year? Projections of rain in dry areas for the future? A mix of the three seems like a shocking change being as last year there was an equal increase this time of year.
i know prices can be unpredictable but it seems like price fixing when there won’t be any more production over the next 6 months.
am I missing something?
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I have one load left to sell for 1.27 lb, have two after that and was told by my buyer not to sell at the price today. Prediction is for 650k acres, given avg yields mustard will be back to .35-40.
Hybrids will fill the production void.

I canceled my seed month and a half ago after hearing the amount of new crop acres being signed up.

Also, got my crop insurance at 80% is $31.73 ac. Wow!! Little pricey for this cat.
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