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i have had a 1998 2188, then a 2003 2388, then a 2005 and 6 2388, now a 7120 in 09

i have run 36' honeybees on the 2388s and found them to work great with proper combine setup, third lift cylinder, weight package in rear, and long auger with extension, and guidance

as for issues with the 2388, i found the new afx rotor to be a real winner over the old standard one, also always seamed to have some issue with return in tough conditions, and also feeder house issues in tough conditions, but over all a very easy machine to set and problem free in first 600 hrs, did have the bushings go out on me on the 03 model, as for yearly maintence, i would replace spreader bats, and elephant ears every 600 hrs, as for issues durring harvest, i would ususally go threw a rotor belt or two, return chain gave some issues as well

my 2388s were all turned up or chiped, i would guess close to 400hp, going by boost pressure

on average would put on 300 hrs a year

now for the 7120, this year being new i had a fair amount of issues for a new machine... to list a few in the first few days
hydro pressure 3000lbs shy, feeder chain jumped sproket more than once, deslug featured gave issues, computer froze up 10 times in two days, broke a few unloading auger shear bolts in peas, and found book settings for crop to be way off, lengine torque was low, overall monitor is a bit overwelming at the start

now for fuel consumption, i was able to do 220 acres on a tank, in 50bu crop, 20gph on meter, my 2388 would do close to that on 400 less liters

as for easyness to set i was not happy with the 7120 at first, but by the end of harvest it was easyier to set then 2388, found loses to be a bit better with 7120 once i understood how to set machine

i have a 2152 40' header on the 7120 and would think i drove about the same speed in general as the 2388 with a 36' head, [5 TO 7MPH)so that would be a 10 percent gain in production

i had a 320 acres that was seeded lighter than i wanted and ended up bushling the best, in this crop with less material i seen the 7120 do 1750bu/hr and would maintain this for football feilds in lenght, i never seen my 2388 go over 1350bu/hr, but then this feild was phonminal.... on this same feild i was able to try out a 8010, and seen 2100bu/hr for football feilds to compare, both combines ran at less than 8 seeds per foot out the back in durum wheat

we tried over four different chips in the 7120, and never did find one that worked, kept throwing codes, but now i have been told there is one that will work, with 300lbs more torque and better fuel consumption

i found the feeder house to be a bit stronger as well the spreader system, on the 7120, had no problem spreading over 40', but then the 2388 almost spread 36'

i liked the propusion leaver on the 2388, must of hit the unloading button 20 times by accident, found the cab of the 7120 to be much bigger and more comfortable

found the larger tires on the 7120 to make the combine more stable than 2388, but found ride to be the same

as far as final comparsion, i would say that the 2388s are very hard to be beat for their size and price, they are also very simple to work on, simple to fix and simple to run, i found you need a new learing curve for the 7120 that takes some time to understand, and the price tag is considerable more, not sure if i would do it again

i will say i ran with a few 9860jd and the 7120 ran circles around them with less loss, like 50 percent more, my older 2388 would of done better i would bet, class 8 my ass, maybe a six

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after reading big time operator comment, i do regret that i forgot to mention the deslug feature, he is correct that this is the best feature or option on the combine over the 2388, and saved many hard hrs on my body, ussally up and running in less than a minute... makes you cut stuff you normally would not like bad kotia spots, heck of a lawnmower...

i willl also admit that the unloading auger should be faster and was at least 20 seconds longer than the green ones to dump, i found yeild and moisture to be very close to deeres, but way off in mustard and canola

we did a fair amount of good yeilding wheat, and have the small wire, large wire combo, and did a very good job, was told this by the deere guys as well, sample was good, concave around 3, rotor around 1000, it was eatonia, ran it to 120 percent hp most of time, never seen my meter go over 130 percent or 48.5 boost,

ran the steinbauer updated chip today to help a buddy finish up and seen boost hit 54psi, never pushed a code either in the hour i help him, felt stonger as well

in peas we moved big wire to front and small wire to back, had a bit of losses over rotor and will find another set of big wire for back next year

as for headers i would recomend the 2152, dual knife drive, pea auger combo to anybody, what a great header for the 7120 and the 8010 i drove, beats the honey bees i had before, never hit the ground, or get rocks stuck in the canvases, and cut logged crops, revenes as good as the HB,

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ran concave very tight, takes a bit more power but sample had very little white caps,top seive was 16 if i remember right and bottom around 8, fan was around 850=1050, rotor around the 850 to 1000 depending how fit and dry crop was, we had heavy wheat this year, 67lbs and wheat thrashed easyier than normal i thought, pre seive on 5 pluged on six,, i know for a fact i checked it a few times and was very happy with loss, i thought it was better than 2388, i have a buddy that has a 7010, and he was happy with his loss in general as well, maybe the variety, or the year... do remember return running giving alarms every so often

i had a hilly revene that natorously it would be green after losses from the combine, with the active grain pan this year results look much different, another good option

as for the feeder chain jumping, it would starting to slip the clutch more and more, finally did a check and sure as heck, after that it happened easier and easier, finally had to replace feeder chain and feeder slip clutch

as far as 8120 being a better fit, the 8010 i ran was hard to keep full and ran most of the time less than 100 percent, in certain conditions threw the draws it was nice but used 3 gallons a hr more fuel, 60 acres less a tank

i think our crops do not require that big a machine for our dryland, arrigation now is a different story
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