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N series vs R series

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Looking into different models.
What are some different advantages and disadvantages in the N and early R series (50, 60, 70)? Some improvements in the different machines. Which machine would be N7 size or do the same amount of work?
How large of a header would a R50 and R60 handle in decent wheat and sorghum?

Any advice is helpful.
Thanks in advance
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Was there any major changes between the Ns and early Rs. Interrested in the R50 60 and 70s. running about 800 acres or less of 20 - 60 bushel wheat and dryland milo.
Thanks for the previous tips, greatly appreciated.
Thank you all for the advice it's been very appliable. I have been running my grandad's N7 and R72 since I was young, but was just looking into a machine of my own one of these days. I'm a very big fan of Gleaners we wouldn't run anything else on our farm. We are very fond of both of our Gleaners.

Please keep the info coming. What size and models of headers should I push on an R-50, 60, or 70 how do these machines compare to eachother? Did they make any changes when Allis sold out to Deutz? Did they increase the capacity between the Ns and early Rs?
Does the R70 compare very close to the 72s in capacity (grain bin, shoe or cleaning area, engine hp) will it do as much work as the 72s or closer to a R62?
I know our N7 with a 24ft header will not keep up with our 72 30footer. Those R72s are excellent performing combines, they are sure hard to beat. But they are pretty pricey. Wondering if the 70 models compare at all. I know they have almost the same cab as the N series which is fine with me.
So the R60s were not turboed? I'm guessing they are more like a R50 just with a bigger engine like mentioned in the above post.
Yea i knew in '96 they upgraded and lengthened the shoe and started offering the cummins in the 62 and 72s. Ours is a '94 model R72 with the shorter shoe and the deutz motor which i almost prefer. Our combine has 4000 hours on it and havn't done a thing to that ole motor but change oil and filters ,and like you said we also blow our engine and filters every morning. I know exactly how them N cabs are with the dust and mice they were not the best built nor designed cab in the world by any means.

So how wide of a header do you run on your R70? I'm guessing our R72 shoe is about like the R70s since ours is an early model and didn't have the longer shoe upgrade.
How do the N7s and R#0s compete with say an L2 0r L3? Are they anywhere close to the capacity as an N or R? What are some ups and downs between the models. Preferences?
Thanks again
Thank you cogleaner that's pretty close to where I live, sounds good. Does it come with a header or two, how many hours?
Thank you cogleaner for the info. That combine is beautiful!!! I can't wait to look at it in person, that guy is crazy for selling such a gorgeous machine. Glad talking with you. Where abouts in Colorado are you located?
Is there anymore about the pros and cons between the Ns and Rs that a guy should be aware of? I'm kind of leaning towards the later and bigger R series such as R70. What series header did they make a thirty foot platform in? Were these machines better than an N in corn?
The machine listed above is beautiful, but the banker thinks it's to fancy.
Thanks keep them coming.
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