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N6 cage diameter

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Are the cages in the N6 and R62 the same diameter? I ask this because when you look at helical kits the N6 is never listed. In a previous thread Goalie David said he had installed some channel helicals in his N without much problem. Was wondering what the differences in the two cages are.
I'm needing to pull my rotor this winter to replace the cylinder bars and may change to the channel helicals if I can find ones that will work. This machine is used for wheat and milo.

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I'm reading thru here as I'm thinking I'm going to have to do something with my r7 eventually. You can read about my experience in oats last week in another thread. Contemplating steep channel helicals, but are there standard pitch channels as well? I would get new bars from sunnybrook for my rotor-anyone know if the are wide spaced square bars available front them? I've had really good success with them in my L3 and would like to do the same with this thing if I can
My rotor is a sunnybrook gen 1, is it similar to a p3? Or would I need something newer like the new style pfp rotor? I don't have my original rotor, so mix matching is sort of out of the question
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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